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We are a community of love and acceptance walking with women who have been wounded by abortion. At the time, abortion may have seemed like your best choice, so you may be surprised that you regret the abortion or are feeling depressed after the abortion and now are struggling to move on with your life. Feelings of loss, guilt, sadness or shame may be overwhelming.

These are common feelings for many women following an abortion. At A Haven for Healing, compassionate companions will help you to address these feelings. We will support you in the process of recovering from your pain, grief, and loss. 


What most touched me about A Haven for Healing was knowing so many people cared about me and the baby I was mourning. There were even women to pray for us and I got to meet them at a healing service held at the end of the program. I was surrounded by an acceptance and support that I have never felt before and I was truly blessed by God's love.  --Kelly, Mishawaka


I found the group setting to be so helpful. I gained so many insights from the other women, knowing that they also experienced the same pain in their hearts. It was very healing--more than I ever anticipated.  --Sarah, Elkhart

After your abortion, you may have felt relief, but it is not unusual for some women to feel regret or be depressed after abortion. For some the sadness comes immediately, but for others it may be years before they begin to experience sadness or to regret the abortion. No matter where you are in your journey, there is hope and healing for you.

Are you experiencing guilt, sadness, regret, hopelessness, anger, anxiety, relationship problems, suicidal thoughts, depression, eating or sleeping disorders, alcohol or drug abuse? These are just a few signs that you may need healing after your abortion. For more information, see our page titled: "Do you need healing?"

Maybe you feel unsupported by family and friends. While you may feel alone, there are people who care about you. At A Haven for Healing you will find a team of caring companions who will walk with you as you confront your loss. You are not alone.



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